Dare to Survive?

Classified information has been leaked!
1066 Target Sports has been reliably informed a zombie outbreak is imminent, Civilian Training has become top priority, register now for...
The Apocalypse Training Programme
from 1066 Target Sports.

~ ~ Over 18's only ~ ~

Training will involve the 3 basic training principles of Zombie Survival.

  1. Crossbow - With the immense power a crossbow bolt can achieve, this part of the training programme is critical for a zombie survivalist

  2. Axe Throwing - Axe's are mans oldest tool, what could be better in a zombie survival situation?

  3. Knife Throwing - Zombies are all around, they're chewing the flesh of all your fellow survivors... what is the crucial piece of equipment everyone has available to use? This is why we need our Knife Throwing skills.
Think you've got what it takes to survive the outbreak? CALL NOW to book your training for the Zombie Apocalypse on 01424 728949, Over 18's only.

Apocalypse Training Programme

Full training will be provided in the following subjects:

Victim Safety Warning!!!

  • The Zombies may touch you, but will not attack unless provoked,
    Please do not provoke the Zombies!
  • The Zombies may be hungry for flesh, The Silo cannot be held responsible for any injury, death, loss of limbs, bites, or psychological trauma.
  • If you are suffering from any type of heart conditions, or are pregnant, we suggest you Do Not Enter The Silo.
  • Please be aware strobe effects are in use inside The Silo.
  • We suggest victims wear old clothes whilst visiting The Silo.
    (overalls may be purchased at reception)

Think you've got what it takes?...

Will you survive the outbreak?

Contact Us


  • 1066 Target Sports
  • Ashdown House
  • Sedlescombe Road North
  • St Leonards-on-sea
  • TN37 7PB

How to find us?

  • As you drive up the ramp to Ashdown House, approach the barrier.
  • Press the bell for 1066 Business Centre, our reception team will raise the barrier.
  • Park in the car park on the left.
  • Follow the signs to 1066 Target Sports.

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